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Directing Concerts

A concert for humans and trees at Hedlandet 2021



A concert for humans and trees at Hedlandet Residens in Torna Hällestad, Skåne. With: Niko Röhlcke and band, Harald Leander actor, Anette Lindbäck actor, Emma Ribbing dancer, Emil Jensen artist, two arborists. With music by Niko Röhlcke and Emil Jenssen, texts by Sophie Holgersson, Helena Röhr and Harald Leander.  Wi


This Woman's Work
A tribute to Kate Bush
GSO 2018

A tribute concert for Kate Bush with soloists Jennie Abrahamsson and Malin Dahlström, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestera with choir and band with bandleader Martin Schaub. Concert conducted by Christoffer Nobin. Directed by Helena Röhr.

All musical arrangements made by Martin Schaub. Projections by Anton Trochez at
Set design, Costume design, storyline and directed by Helena Röhr.

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