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Operas directed by Helena Röhr

V/S - Versus

Norrlandsoperan 2021

V/S – a comic miniopera in four rounds, about competition, rivelry and sisterhood. It is a new opera about how women in all times and ages has been forced to fight with eachother about the little space they are given. And it is about what happens when they stop fighting.

It travels through time, from Queen Elizabeth and Mary Stuart, via Molière and onwards to the 20th century's stockmarket race and to the final meeting in the boxing ring of the present time. But what happens after that? What occurs when the fighting is over?

V/S is a new opera, based on the opera Kvinnogräl/Women's arguments, by Lars Johan Werle. Additional music by af Malmborg Ward, Verdi, Boccherini, Baudo, Eccles and Nørgård.

Team: Director: Helena Röhr Set and Costume design: Annsofi Nyberg, Lighting design: Johan Jerrskog. Cast: Monica Danielsson, mezzosoprano, Susanna Levonen, soprano, Jonas Olsson, kapellmeister/pianist, Mats Lindström, percussion, My Hellgren and Frida Bromander, celli, Erik Ottosson, contrabas, Fanny Sallinen and Nikki Lindskog stagtechnicians.

Susanna Levonen- Mary Stuart and Monica Danielsson- Elizabeth I
Susanna Levonen and Monica Danielsson in act four of V/S

Valerie's Voice
Freebird Malmö

Valerie's Voice is an opera for one soprano and four electric guitars by Christofer Elgh, based on Valerie Solanas' S.C.U.M. Manifesto. In this opera, Valerie is the woman telling the story from her point of view. About growing up as a girl in a male society. About growing up as a boy in a male society. About trying to be a woman, whatever that is. About male artists taking up all the oxygen. And also about to slaughter the masks and roles that we all are wearing, and instead cooperate to build a new world, based on love and creativity.

Team: Text: Valerie Solanas. Music: Christofer Elgh. Set design: Åsa Gjerstad and Helena Röhr. Costume and mask design: Åsa Gjerstad. Lighting design: Kicki Renberg. Cast: Paulina Pfeiffer, soprano. KROCK

Valeries Voice Krock + Paulina ny.jpg
Valerie bild 3 fotograf: Ulrika Loeb.jpg
Valerie bild 2 fotograf: Ulrika Loeb.jpg
Valerie bild 1 fotograf: Ulrika Loeb.jpg
Valerie: Paulina Pfeiffer and KROCK
Valerie repbild.jpg

Ingjutet i mitt hjärta

Operabyrån 2015

An opera about the italian baroque-composer Antonia Bembo's life and music. About love and creation. About being a composer and a woman. With music by Antonia Bembo and modern music by Mattias Petersson.

Team: Libretto: Emma Broström and Helena Röhr. Composer: Antonia Bembo and Mattias Petersson. Set and costume design: Bente Rolandsdotter. Cast: Soprano: Christina Larsson-Malmberg. Tenor: Martin Vanberg. Teorb and lutes: Jonas Nordberg. Violin: Catalina Langborn. Cello: Kate Hearne.


Den djupaste platsen/ Det dybeste sted/ The deepest place

An erotic operaadventure about loneliness and belonging. Cooperation between Freebird Malmö and Nordic Opera/CPH.


Librettist: Julie Maj Jacobsen, Composer: Daniel Hjorth, Director: Helena Röhr. Set and costume design: Elin Edda Arnadottir. The Rat: Merete Sveistrup, Henry: Magnus Vigilius, Tora: Isabel Pigangiol, The Sparrow: Josefin Andersson, David: Martin Vanberg, The Wolf: Sebastian Duran.

Norrlandsoperan 2012

Bizet's Carmen hysterically funny and deeply dramatic about gender roles and domestic violence. Set in the north of Sweden and in Carmen's kitchen, the opera took a journey through Carmen's head and heart, and told her view of what really happened.

Team: Translation: Ulricha Johnson. Director and spoken dialogue: Helena Röhr. Set and costume design: Annsofi Nyberg. Lighting design: Miriam Helleday. Choreography: Maria Naidu.

Cast: Carmen: Susanna Levonen/Miriam Treichl. José: Daniel Frank/Ulrich Qvale. Escamillo: Olle Persson. Micaela: Rebecca Rasmussen. Zuniga: Ludvig Lindström. Frasquita: Natalie Hernborg. Mercedes: Karin Hammar (Andersson). Remendado: Fredrik af Klint. Dancairo: Johan Hallsten.

Carmen Damkören Ludvig Lindström Foto
Carmen Damkören Olle Persson Foto Malin
Carmen Johan Hallsten Ludvig Lindström
Carmen Daniel Frank Susanna Levonen Foto
Carmen herrkören Rebecca Rasmussen Joha
Carmen Damkören Karin Andersson Natalie
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